My name is Suzi Hixon.  However, I’m known for much more than just my first and last name.  I have been a Trademark Attorney for fifteen years now. Because of my experience, I am well aware of the value my own personal name holds. I consider my name, my own personal Trademark. My name is the “source-indicator” that truly encompasses who I am personally and professionally. So, when you hear my name, you should envision a kind, family-oriented, honest soul, with a powerful entrepreneurial spirit and indestructible work ethic.


My Roots

My maternal ancestors came to the US from Switzerland, while my paternal ancestors have deep-seated southern roots. On top of this, I was born in Colorado, where I spent those first few developmental years of my life, buried in the powder.  At the age of four, my parents decided to move to Kentucky to be closer to my grandparents. So, in short, I consider myself a southern girl, with big mountain dreams.


My Family {The Loves of My Life}

Growing up in Kentucky was wonderful.  With two loving parents, I had a carefree childhood, going to public school and playing with my radical little sister, Stacy.  (We loved the 80s.) Stacy is three and a half years my “inferior” {but not really} and the mother of my beautiful niece, Lyla, and two handsome nephews, JoeClay and Charlie.  These are truly the loves of my life. Oh and yes of course, my fur-baby, Sadie, who is also the other LOML. Let’s just say, I have many loves in my life.


My Free Time

I don’t necessarily "tend to" or babysit my niece and nephews. As their totally rad auntie, I must boast that we go to concerts, spas, truck shows, road trips, and much much more.  And when we are chilling at home, we are either dancing to some Drake (clean version mind you) in the living room, or engaged in some sort of Cirque Du Soleil stunt action with Charlie, the littlest.  {I got you, little man!}

I love spending time with my furry children.  I have a stubborn goat, a mysterious cat, a fat cat, clucking chickens, and some other random critters running about the homestead.  I must say however, that it is Sadie, who holds the key to my critter-loving heart. She is involved in every single aspect of my life, including ski trips. So what is my favorite thing to do? Glad you asked!


Ski!  Ski! Ski!  

Skiing has become my absolute favorite thing to do in my free time. Going outside the scope of my comfort zone on the slopes has, in many ways, sparked a new passion for bettering the overall quality of my life. Following my heart has allowed me to come full circle. Pursuing my passion for skiing truly feels like coming home.

Heart Over Head

Following my heart not only led me back to the rekindling of my passion for the powder, but also sparked a new interest for exploring more opportunities in the world of Trademark. Leaving a secure position at a large law firm was super scary. I knew that losses would be incurred. However, I felt deep in my heart there was just something more I could do. So I decided to start my own practice. Since then, I have been able to lead clients through the trademark selection and prosecution process, while also working relentlessly to help brand owners protect their trademark rights on and off eCommerce platforms. My practice has enabled my clients to launch and grow the business brand of their dreams!

Professional Bio

Suzi Hixon, Esq. is a Trademark Attorney based in the United States. She has a wealth of experience in the world of trademark law. She began her dynamic career after earning her law degree from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 2003.   

Suzi's experience with business entities is wide-ranging. She has handled the intellectual property portfolio of a Fortune 100 company, as well as numerous small businesses.  Suzi has also been a nationally-ranked trademark attorney, and is a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Suzi's experience practicing trademark law, a decade of experience running her own businesses in San Francisco, and working directly with startups, make her an indispensable resource for any business, especially private label and eCommerce businesses.

Suzi’s ability to take complex legal matters and transform them into easily digestible resolutions for her clients has resulted in raving client reviews. Her entrepreneurial spirit and indestructible work ethic over the years has spawned a whirlwind of trademark creativity. 

From trademark selection, clearance, and enforcement, to doing-it-yourself and supporting your efforts, Suzi has become the face of all things Trademark and eCommerce.