Like Apple, Google, Amazon, Starbucks… Would you do all it takes to own the top spot?

What you are about to learn is not just some abstract recipe for quick success, this is a paradigm shift that is going to hit your perception of the Amazon marketplace. After in-depth research and the study of the market factors and many more legal pros and cons, I decided to come up with a few tips that will help you successfully position your brand in the world’s largest online retail site.

Are you ready to learn about some simple brand positioning strategies and little secrets to help you create an untouchable space on the giant Amazon platform? Well let’s get started!

 #1: Your Selling Point

What was the magic distinction that set Apple apart? They began selling their best qualities, easy of service delivery, beautiful packaging, and high-quality products.

Amazon, however, IS the major league, from ‘Earth’s Biggest Bookstore’ to ‘World’s Largest Online Retailer,’ you may change your products, graphics, and even upgrade your logo. But, to create an ever-growing presence of your brand on this giant, like Apple, you MUST stick to your selling point.

Understand your target audience! And just as important, your target audience should understand your brand and business. This is what drives your advertisements, presence on social platforms, and helps you to gain clarity as to how to brand and market to your selling point.

Is your target audience a buttoned-up suit wearing attorney, or a music freak? Can you create an image of your ideal customer?

Knowing your customers will reciprocate customer loyalty and help you define your selling point.

 #2: Tell Your Story, Connect with your Customers

The amazing thing about good stories is how they drag us unwittingly to the last word. Before we know it, we’re hooked.

People love success stories – Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and many more.

But guess what? Their stories were not written once they became the best. Their stories were written while they were becoming the best.

Your brand story will be written (and will evolve), over time. And your brand must connect to your clients emotionally. Consumers buy products out of emotional attachments.

Some large companies actually offer employment for storytellers within their company.

So, what’s the story behind your brand and product? Tell it beautifully and passionately to the world.

No two stories are exactly the same, and a great brand and product story is near impossible to copy. So, properly and concretely positioning your brand and products will make it that much harder for third parties to copy your brand story.

#3: Trademark Registration and Amazon Brand Registry

In a vast market such as Amazon, infringements are bound to happen, and counterfeits ~ particularly ~ of your products will also surface in no time. Being proactive saves you from being shut out of the market by counterfeits or lots of legal battles, and you do not want to spend your money on negative events.

Being proactive would mean registering your brand name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Your trademark is any source-indicator for your brand, such as design logos, slogans, text or standard character marks, colors, or packing.

A few quick trademarks tips:

  •    Avoid generic or descriptive elements that describe your private label products.
  •    Your trademark should be unique. Being different and standing out amongst the ocean of competitors using really bad trademarks is a  good thing! At the very least, you should do your own cursory searching on the internet to see if there are any obvious trademark conflicts.

At some point, you can also consider registering your trademark internationally. In fact, you can file an application with the World Intellectual Property Organization via its Madrid System.

The Amazon Brand Registry and other Artificial Intelligence software arguably provide a “watchdog” system on Amazon over Trademarks that are recorded with them. Counterfeits or infringing brands can be spotted, and the entries will be deleted and sometimes, permanently barred from the marketplace. However, don’t depend on Amazon to protect and enforce your trademarks for you. Be diligent and aggressive. This is how you build value in your trademark over the long term.

You can build a brand that wins the very hearts of your customers. Don’t underestimate how important this is for the overall longevity of your business.

Secure the top spot in your niche by knowing and understanding your ideal customers and selling point, telling your brand and product story, and registering your brand name with the USPTO.

Together, we can win the battle against lame brand names, and infringers!

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