According to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, brand attachment is a type of emotional bond that binds the consumer to particular brands.

The authors of the study found that the public exhibits devotion to certain trademarks (or brand names) when they perform the following emotional actions:

  •    Go out of their way to own a brand
  •    Make an effort to protect a specific brand
  •    Tell others they feel passionate about or connected to the brand

In listing its 25 Most Popular Brand Stories of 2018, Adweek found that “in 2018 brands were on a mission to connect with people more than ever.”

Emotional branding allows you to create relationships in which your customers turn into your cheerleaders.

This means that you need to establish invisible lines between your brand and the consumer’s mind and heart.

You do this with your trademark!

So, how can you create a trademark that forges an emotional bond?

In addition to assisting you with a trademark clearance search and trademark filing ~ even before you get to those stages ~ we can help you create your trademark with our Trademark Trailblazer: The Brand Name Creation Blueprint

The purpose of the blueprint is to formulate a vision for your brand. It is a process of brainstorming brand names to carefully determine which ones strike an emotional chord ~ those strings which tether your intended customers to your brand ~ along with removing brand names that we know will not be good from a marketing perspective, as well as a legal perspective.

Marketing guru, Seth Godin, defines BRAND in his book, “This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See” as follows:

A brand is shorthand for the customer’s expectations. What promise do they think you’re making? What do they expect when they buy from you, or meet with you or hire you?

A trademark, therefore, must convey a strong message ~ right away.

The message must be positive and, if anything, memorable and smile-inducing! Your brand is the song; your trademark is the singer. It delivers the message. And that message better be good.

Because people have emotional reactions to specific brands, it is essential for people to like what they see as soon as they see it. And it is equally crucial that potential customers understand what you are promising, so that they know what to expect.

Let’s talk about brand names that give you the “feels.”

Remember, a trademark is a crucial element that provides consistency to the visibility of your brand. Always lead with your trademark. Your trademark sings your brand! {Think about just how impressionable a song can be. Have you heard a song that you “just can’t get out of your head”? We lovingly call these addictive tunes “earworms.” You want to create the same impression with that trademark!}

That’s why selecting a strong, distinctive brand name is so dang important! 

A trademark is the impression that stays with the consumer, and, therefore, it must pack a unique punch. It is crucial that the brand name ~ and perhaps also the accompanying design logo ~ be protected by becoming registered with the USPTO, of course.

It’s imperative that you legally set up a brand and trademark for legacy.

While tangible products rust away, your trademark will last forever.

Finding the nexus of creating a great trademark from both the legal and the marketing perspectives can be challenging, to say the least. Instead of having it done by two separate entities (ie, a naming agency AND a law firm), if you haven’t already selected your trademark, our Two-Week Trademark program is a perfect fit for your needs!

Selecting a strong brand name and performing a trademark clearance search (ensuring the viability of the trademark from a legal perspective), will ensure that an emotional connection with your customer endures well beyond the life of your tangible products!

Remember, we are here to help!

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