Hello, Legal Warrior.

Female attorneys who own their own boutique law practices face inherent growth challenges. I get it.

The problem is they all too often rely on traditionally male-dominated business development methods.

They end up with a stack of business cards they'll never look at again, or the client from hell who drains their energy.

Smart and ambitious women like you should not have to struggle to build their law firms.

I've developed a proprietary consulting + coaching program to guide women along the path of designing a law practice on their terms, so they can make more money without working more hours.

My name is Suzi. And I'm here to help you.

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I work with ambitious female solo practitioners who want to design their law firms on their terms.

Does this look like you?
You want to work less, not more. You think "billable hours" are BS.
You're not really a fan of traditionally male-dominated business development methods. You prefer to attend your little girls' ballet recital.
You desire liberation from conventional law firm business development methods.
You have a few clients from hell, and your anxiety is through the roof. You know there are ways to fix it, but you are stuck, overwhelmed, and confused, and you know you are saying "yes" when you should say "no."
You desire clients you love to serve who actually love paying you, and you know it's possible, but you aren't sure how to get there.
You are generating in the low six figures in revenue, but know you can make more money, without working more.
You aren't interested in becoming the next social media maven, or #lawyerbossbabe, to grow your client base.
You would love to be in a community of "like-goaled" women who also appreciate "work-life harmony."
You want to be the lawyer your clients love to pay.


coaching for female attorneys, legally blissed with suzi hixon, esq

For the ambitious female solo practitioner who wants to deliberately design her law practice on her terms


Create a thriving client base of clients you love to serve.

Make more money without billing more hours.

Be the attorney your clients love to pay.

Enjoy work-life harmony.

Preserve your sanity.


Stop feeling frustrated, anxious, and under-valued. Instead confidently and deliberately develop a flourishing client base you love to serve.

Are You In?


If you’re on this page, I already know you’re brilliant. You have big dreams but you're feeling a little stuck or overwhelmed as you try to build your law firm.

But here's the deal...I GET YOU.

I understand how it feels to end up at uncomfortable networking events yet still have a burning desire to build your own thriving client base, without relying upon traditional business development methods.

I left big law, never looked back, and grew my own thriving client base without swinging a single golf club.

I’ve helped other smart female attorneys just like you grow a solid client base, without taking a single puff of a cigar.

And I can help you, too.

An ambitious, goal-driven coach. She simplified my core challenges with work and my personal life so I didn’t get overwhelmed. Suzi helped me become more productive by releasing the self-pressure that slowed me down. I’d work with Suzi again in a heartbeat! -Sommer

Let's Do This!

My proprietary "Practice with Purpose" program will help you:

  • Take a proactive approach to design your law practice...on your terms.
  • Allow you to be present for the events that are truly most important in life: piano recitals, not cigar bars with the boys.
  • Transform you into a self-determined attorney with a growing client base of clients you love to serve (and who love paying you!)

A rare gifting of knowing just what her clients need to hear. Suzi was able to help me focus on the strategies I needed to break through in my practice. Through her skilled exploration and thought-provoking questions, she helped me see that so much of what was holding me back was of my own making and self-imposed limitations. I cannot express how grateful I am and I can recommend her without reservation. -Nola

Getting started is easy!

The "Practice with Purpose" Plan


Complete this application for your strategic discovery call.


Together we will develop a bespoke coaching + consulting plan to achieve your goal.


Enjoy working with clients you love to serve, who can't wait to pay you, and refer you time and again.

An amazing coach. Having Suzi's support while I work toward my goal has been so helpful. It feels great to have someone in my corner who is committed to helping me achieve my goal. I feel so supported in every way, and it’s helping me achieve my goal way faster than if I had gone at it alone. Plus she's literally taking me through all the steps I need to get to my goal. Thank you, Suzi, you are amazing! -Laura 


Coaching is a partnership of client and coach in a creative process to inspire and maximize the client’s potential. Coaching honors that the client is the expert in her own life and that the client can generate her own solutions. Alternatively, consulting is providing strategic advice, guidance, and expertise in a particular industry. A consultant will diagnose problems and provide the solution.

I believe that every client is creative, resourceful, and ready to take her life and career to the next level. As your coach, I’ll work with you to discover and clarify what you want to achieve over a set period of time. Many clients want to improve self-confidence so they can perform better during trial or command more respect in the law firm environment. Others desire coaching around navigating law firm politics and setting boundaries with partners and clients. Whatever your desire or goal, as your coach I’ll ask you the proper questions to elicit answers to your challenges, and I’ll help you create the pathway to overcome these challenges. I will hold you responsible and accountable as I move you forward along your pathway.

Coaching is for people who are truly ready to go from good to great. I have four must-have criteria that any client must meet before I’ll work with her.

  1. My client must be inspiring, or have an inspired mission.
  2. My client must be generous with a track record of “giving back.”
  3. My client must be eager and open to learning more about themselves.
  4. My client must have a challenge that she is committed to overcoming.

Coaching is growing in popularity because people are desiring ways to give themselves a competitive edge. People also desire incremental life improvements. My style of coaching fosters a proactive approach for my clients when it comes to navigating the practice law in particular. In general, coaching helps people evaluate where they are now, and where they want to go, so that they can live an intentional and non-reactive life.

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